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This event was hosted at 2 locations - Barrier (20th) and Kamloops (21rst).
With over 50 participants, fun was had by all in great weather conditions (if not very hot the 1rst day) .

The Kamloops money birds always pose a challenge. Four were in play - but only two were hit.  Be ready people! They can come AT ANY TIME!

However, there was only ONE winner. The other one hit - did not buy into the game...


For the unamed person who did not buy in, we have it on good authority that these lovely ladies (below) are his backup dancers... (from the 1980's).  I think he found them "Simply Irresistible" and "there's no telling where the MONEY went".  Well, ALL the money went to Jeff Hall this time! 

             Click on the image below for a
secret video hint...                  

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